Thursday, July 3, 2008

I wish I could write an optomistic blog today but...

...... I just don't feel good physically, so it is hard to be optomistic about anything. :-(
I don't know about teeth --- so I don't know whether my tooth has absessed or what has happened but the whole upper right teeth area - hurts, and I feel very BLAH. :-( A friend, online, said that a friend of his ended up in the hospital with heart trouble when his tooth absessed so, of course, I hope that that does not/ will not happen to me.
My family (brother and sis in law) are going over to the assisted care living place where my mom lives, for the 4rth tomorrow. At this point -- I am not sure I want to go at all. :-(
Well ....trying to write something on a nicer note -- we had a WONDERFUL lightning/thunder storm last night/this morning at 2 AM til 4 am or so..... I sure LOVE lightning storms. I sat outside on my deck for awhile and saw some neat flashes - til it started POURING rain! I love rain and stayed out in it for awhile til it started pouring BUCKETS -- (whooo hoooo!) when I decided it might be healthier to not get COMPLETELY soaked, and I came back in and went to bed.
I was thinking that that NEAT thunder storm might count as my 4rth of July celebration this year, since I just don't feel well enough to go to my mom's.
I love images of lightning! The two of these on this blog were taken by people around the Portland area.
Aren't these wonderful? They look professional! I wish I could get some neat lightning shots like these!


FD Spark said...

Hugs, I heard thunder all night last night until this morning it must been your thunder.

Mykyl said...

I love lightning too! Sometimes it is indeed better than fireworks :)
I hope that you feel better soon - you are starting to worry me with ho long this has been hanging on for you... and yes, I hate the dentist too - but he _can_ make it stop hurting...

AuroraSkye said...

Hi there FD and Mykyl -- TY for your comments you two.

Yeah my tooth has stopped hurting (of course -- figures) but now I don't know why -- has it died? I guess I should still go to the dentist but it is harder to go when it no longer hurts. But I guess I will be good and go.


(I am SOOOO not in the mood)

Malicious Intent said...

Oh do get that tooth fixed. They can really make a mess in ways you just never would imagine.
Get on antibiotics, ice it, rest and eat soft foods. I had one before....NOT FUN!

I hope you are feeling better. We didnt get to see fireworks on the 4th, but we had a humdinger of a lightening show!