Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birthday for FD --

Hi there!!! An SL friend, named FD, is going to have a RL birthday coming up. He, and friends, made my birthday, (last June 14th), special for me, so I wanted to do the same for him. :-) His B-day is coming up this Saturday, July 19th. I hope he has a very happy one. I made a banner and a gift of a fractal shirt for whomever buys some of his things at our store at Etopia. I set them out already because it will give more time for people to buy things. :-) I hope a lot of people buy things from ya, FD! :-) HAPPY *(early) BIRTHDAY!!!!


Wildstar said...

that was very nice of you !

(apologies if I commented .. I know how much you hate comments ;-) )

FD Spark said...

Hugs how pretty of banner.
Reminds me to put up few new things soon as I can wake up.
Thank you for being my friend and design partner.

AuroraSkye said...

LOLOLOL Yes Wildstar -- how DARE you comment here!!!! (giggles) [And please continue to] lolol

And I am so glad you like the Banner, FD, and hope you can get some more things up. You have done some neat pants etc that I am sure will sell. Thank YOU for being my friend and design partner too!


Anonymous said...

I don't want to upset you, so I won't leave a comment either - but it is a very nice thing you are doing for FD :)

AuroraSkye said...

Thanks for your non-existant comment, Mykyl. LOLOLOL

FD Spark said...

One person stopped by and bought something. Not much else has happen since you logged out sale wise.