Monday, January 7, 2008


Hi there --- I am feeling discouraged ..... I am trying not to let it bother me but I am upset about it....

On SL I own a small bit of 512 land because I can't afford tiers. Unfortunately there is a REAL ____________ of a neighbour who is trying to force me off the land so she can own it all ..... She has put a HUGE monstrosity of a "store" butted RIGHT up against my little 512 property -- blocking out the sun and sky. :-(

I have bent over backwards to be nice to her -- even removing a tree that was showing some leaves into her store (because she has it SOOOO bloody close to my property == grrrr) :-( But she is being so unreasonable. She owns MOST of the sim already so she really could place this "store" anywhere. She can move it more towards the ocean and she would lose nothing but NOOOOOO == she is refusing. She has requested favours of my neighbour and I and we have complied but she has not recipricated in kind. She really IS awful and it really upsets me. It has changed a lovely peaceful home into a place of heart ache.

I guess I just had to complain a bit here. It really hurts. :-( I know that there are CREEPS in RL so it should be NO surprize to find them in SL as well but still -- it really IS upsetting to find one "so close to home." :-(


Malicious Intent said...

Rule #1: There are assholes everywhere you go in life.
Rule #2: Thera are assholes everywhere you go in life.

Tip #1: Keep plastic explosvies on hand.
Tip #2: Mount a surplus WWII tank in your front yard and paint "peace keeper" on it.

Anonymous said...

Rule #3: There is always a bigger gun.
Rule #4: Nothing lasts Forever.

Tip #3: Remember Goliath? He will _always_ get taken down, because nothing and nobody can be "strong" forever. Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire / Emperor of Heaven / Aztec Empire / Mongol Empire / Thousand Year Reich / Neocon Empire etc etc. Patience (and craftiness ;-) win the day - you just have to get used to the timescales involved.

Tip #4: what would George suggest?

*huggles* Catty Sis...

AuroraSkye said...

LOLOL ty BOTH for your comments!!!! They are very good ones and help my mood -- if this "Lady" continues to be a.... ahem ..... then I am going to put a whole row of BIG pine trees up on my border so at least some branches will come into her lovely store. :-( Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Malicious Intent said...

Or you could sneak out at night and tp her entire property. Just for fun of course. Bonus: It will look a little like a snow storm if you use enough. :)