Thursday, January 24, 2008

How is this for amazing?

I actually took a sleeping pill last night at 11pm so I could force myself to sleep at a more normal time (because I have to get up and help my sis in law take her 2 dogs and one cat to the vets today). Anyway -- it worked *whoooo hooooo!!! I was actually able to sleep at midnight or so (usually impossible for me) and get up at 7:30 AM for a change (instead of 7:30 to 10 PM!)

As usual, I want this to last but it really is harder to do this all the time for me cus usually all I have to look forward to when I get up is: "CLEAN THE APT!" (ugh) So I go back to bed. LOL Plus, for some reason, my eyes physically hurt a lot when I wake up -- Which my friends and family say is not normal. It happens all the time to me so it seems normal to me. I have gone to eye Drs about it but no one seems to know what it is from. When my eyes sting -- all I want to do is close them again.

Anyway -- it is nice, at least, to be up in the morning TODAY! :-) I hope it lasts --


FD Spark said...

Can I blame you for my insomina?

Malicious Intent said...

You have been tagged! You can read what I wrote on my blog.

Come on down.....

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So do I now say, "Tag, you're it??"

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Malicious Intent said...

Hey Skye Bright, wake up! Not only do you have a meme to do, but I created my own award and you are the very first recipient of it. Go pick it up!

AuroraSkye said...

Hi there FD, and Malicious,

LOLOL, FD, I know what you mean -- you can blame me for your insomnia if I can blame you for no snow here (wink) lol

And Malicious -- I have been tagged AND have a new award you made for me?? WOW -- I DO have to wake up and head over there. (grin) Thank you (eager to see what this award is --- is it for biggest insomniac? that says the least? ...most colourful text? (wink) lol ;-)