Sunday, January 27, 2008

Well, the cat show was fun....

I got to see a cat that I had never seen before except in books -- a Singapura!. I have been interested in Singapuras for ages and I got to see one in "purr-son" at the cat show! I even got to hold him. His name was "Tumble" and he was so so so sweet! Singapura's are VERY small cats -- full grown they still look like teenage kitties. They have round heads and VERY BIG eyes! They have grey ticked fur with a bit of brown to it and white bellies. They are so pretty!

The one I got to hold was a really friendly one too. I got to snuggle his head -- I probably would have been in trouble if he had been for sale. :-) They had no Singapura kittens there - but they said that they would be at least $800! (Yikes!)

I also got to pat a Bengal kitty= = BOY they sure have pretty markings. The owner was very friendly too -- Sometimes the cat owners can be rather aloof and stuck up, but this guy was very nice. I remember the Bengals as just having spots (which is wonderful enough) but now they even have the other colour within the spots -- making their markings even MORE like their wild "cousins." It would be so nice to have a Bengal kitty. :-)

Another favourite of mine are Birman cats -- especially blues --- and they had a BEAUTIFUL "blue point" Birman kitten for $500! He was a sweet-heart and both my sis-in-law and I wanted him -- but again -- too much money (and my brother had told my sis in law that if she came home with a kitten he would leave her!) !!


FD Spark said...

Aww they are so cute.
I am glad you had good time.
Well maybe you can figure out way to make prim version of the favorite cats and save some money.
I would adopt again if I was in another situation in my real life but I think I have issues paying for specific breed. I would rather rescue a Cat or kitten at humane society. So many are actually put to sleep because they cannot find homes for them. I don't know about Cats but for Dogs those specialized Breeds often come with unique health issues from years of inbreeding to make them look the way they are.
I am not sure personally if I would want to support the cause of breeding certain animals that may be unhealthy while others die every day due to being abandon in the local human society.
Though my boyfriend was pointing out how cruel he thought neutering and spaying animals would think with all dime a dozen non-pedigree animals being neutered there be a shortage. I often wonder what will happen to our domestic house cats and dogs if only specific ones are allowed to reproduce through inbreeding and profit in the future.

Mykyl said...

/me purrs happily reading the smiles in your words here. :)

Malicious Intent said...

Me want bengal kitty.

Alpha said...

Despite being overwhelmed with cuteness, /me still retains enough presence of mind to wonder if a "Singapura" has anything to do with Singapore? ... and for that matter, why isn't it a "Singapurrrra" ;-).

*congratulatory hugs* for your steadfast resistance in the face of what must have been the ultimate temptation X-).