Saturday, February 2, 2008

Darn -- I live too LOW for the SNOW!

I woke up this morning to pouring rain but I could tell that there must have been a SMALL trace of snow last night cuz I could see a small bit of it on our carport roofs.....And as I watched the rain fall I could see a small FLAKE of snow in there every now and then. So I decided to go out snow hunting. I drove out of our apt complex driveway and up maybe three houses and already I could see more snow on the ground. Then I drove further up the hill (I live at the bottom of a dormant volcano) and towards the TOP of "mountain park' it was a winter fairy land!!!!! (DARN IT_ I am SOOOO jealous!) It looked like they probably had gotten at least 4 to 6 inches of snow -- it covered the ground, trees, roofs, the street..... It looked wonderful! It was still raining up there but they had so much that I doubt the rain will melt it before tonight when they will probably get snow again! I must admit, I sure wish I had chosen a higher elevation place to live when I went searching for apts. It is such torture to have snow so CLOSE and yet so far -- STILL -- it was a lot of fun to at least be able to drive up into it. I wish I had one of those camera phones cuz I would have taken pictures but my phone is an oldie and a moldie that just calls people (how strange for a phone to just do that lolol)

Someone had made a family of "snowmen" including a "snowDOG" :-) And they were all holding open umbrellas over their heads. I would have loved to have taken a picture of that to put here for you all and to send in to our local news station that wants snow pics.

Since I was out anyway -- I decided to drive to Target to get some head sets for my phones. Just driving a few blocks down the road into Tigard -- all the snow was gone and it was just regular wet roads. I sure WISH that we would get some snow down to the "Valley" floor. Still -- it was neat seeing snow anyway. :-)


Nani said...

I checked my email today and somehow i saw you typing a very nice email to me. I am mot sure if we've met or have i posted something on your blog... if the message was for someone else... or you checked out my MSN space... or etc..
i'm sorry
but thanks for the comment.

Alpha said...

Yay! \(^_^)/... Aurora found the snow _finally_ :P... so now you know where to go for the snow, but you're too low for it to blow, so slow, hoho ho, no? ;-)

So they could make a SnowDOG but not a snowCAT huh? I hope you got out and made a little snowKITTEN for them (and picked up a little cheapie digital camera from your shopping trip so you can show us next time ;-). *hugs*

And hello Nani - welcome to the technicolour scrawl otherwise known as Skye Writing... make sure you leave lots of comments everywhere... "Please feed the Aurora" ;-).

AuroraSkye said...

Hi Nani and THWAP to Alpha! LOLOLOL

grin :-)