Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On a nicer note ...

We are having a total lunar eclipse right now and it is so neat~ I prefer a total SOLAR eclipse of course -- they are much more spectacular -- but lunar ones are special too. In Northern Oregon, the moon was partially eclipsed as it rose in the Eastern skies this evening. It got to totality around 7 pm and the total phase lasted almost a full hour! The face of it darkenned to an orange colour. Now it is almost halfway un-covered again.


Malicious Intent said...

So lucky that you got to see it. Guess why we didnt? Snow. How is that for irony?

AuroraSkye said...

OH wowowowowow -- In a way I would still rather have the snow cuz we are finished with our snow season (and didn't get any)

But yeah I am glad we got to see the lunar eclipse -- I sure wish I could see a SOLAR eclipse again some day.


Malicious Intent said...

Making a special request to some of my blogger friends:

I am on a campaign to get Fox Sports to name their new mascot the Gopher Cam which is used at their NASCAR races. (I personally find the gopher annoying.) I would be so grateful if my friends would just take one moment to visit and go to vote for a name for the gopher cam and submit "Road Kill."

They already mentioned my name on the air earlier with the suggestion and NONE of the drivers are giving any good ideas with the exception of Casey Mears who later in the show suggested the same name. I hope he wins. PLEASE HELP!

Your help would be greatly appreciated and a cause close to my heart. Please pass this request along and I will report on the name game when they air it next week.

Power in numbers!


AuroraSkye said...

I did your request, MI :-) Went in =-= and said Name it "Road Kill." It was one of those sites that don't let you leave - LOL ... (Don't ya hate websites like that?) -- I hope they name it the name you want.