Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I did another sleep test last night

I found out that my sleep apnea is a lot worse than I prevoiusly thought. I thought maybe I stopped breathing 40 times an hour but it turns out that I stop breathing 123 times an hour!! Eeeeeek! :-( So I stop breathing two times every minute! Blah

So last night was to try to set me up with one of those Cpap machines. On the PLUS side == I could tell it was helping me to breathe, but on the minus side - it was hard to get ANY sleep at all with this thing on my face and all the straps and wires etc.... talk about claustophobia! And the masks kept leaking so the technician would come in with a different mask for me to try out and then a wire would come off and he had to put it back on ... Needless to day == I am not sure I got much sleep at all. So then I did my usual and slept all day when I got home. :-( (Not exactly how I want to spend my life)

Still, if we all could get this thing working -- they say that it should help with depression, and hormones, and weight etc, and of course have less chances of heart attacks or strokes...... I sure hope I can get this thing working cuz it would be a turn-around for my life, I think.


FD Spark said...

hugs I hope you're able to get the helpful device you need for your sleep and breathing problems.

AuroraSkye said...

TY TY FD~~ Big hugs!

Malicious Intent said...

Don't give up! They will get it tweaked and you will get use to it..especially if you start to get some really good sleep.

Andrew said...

Hope it works out for you and you get the rest that you deserve.