Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I finally figured out my photo upload problem

LOLOL Turns out -- I only needed to check some sort of agreement thingy next to the upload button! I don't remember seeing that or having to check that little box before -- but I finally noticed it! I think I need a new brain (and some new eyeballs) lol
Now, if only they would let me change the colours of my titles again - I would be happy!

Here are the photos I was going to post in the earlier blog. :-) The first one shows many pretty fractal displays at the Fractal Diversity show that is on til mid January. I think it is so interesting seeing all the different fractals people come up with! There are so many beautiful fractals there!
The second picture is of a nice friend of mine named BellaSummer (and I) in front of my display at the show. I am still not sure I am pleased with my display. I may still change it (if that is allowed) I really wanted to go to the opening "gala" ....but as I say... I slept thru it!
I SHOULD go to sleep now (4:20 am) but, of course, I feel wide awake! (I think I belong in a different time zone!) lol

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