Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hello November --

It is raining outside!! I love it love it love it!!!! I love it when it POURS!!! I went out in the rain today! I was naughty == I went to a "See's Candy" place (delicious chocolate candies) and bought some. At least I am good at making them last. :-) Then I drove to Mexicalli Express and had a nice dinner of a cheese enchalada, black beans, rice and a salad. (With lots of onions, cilantro and pico de gallo (not sure of spelling) Mmmmmmm! Because I went alone, as I usually do, I read my Dean Kootz book while I was there. Afterwards I went to Trader Joes (a great natural food store) to get some Seseme sticks, and some other things. Unfortunately they didn't have the seseme sticks or ANY of the other things I was looking for, so I just got a VERY expensive gallon of milk ($3.00 UGH) and came home.
Still, it was a pleasant afternoon.
I hope you all out there (whomever might read this blog) are having a nice day/weekend/week too. And enjoy the months ahead.


Wildstar said...

looks like you had a nice one-person party ! :)
cheers :))

FD Spark said...

Tp me some Mexican food please:)

AuroraSkye said...

Yeah it was a nice day, Wildstar -- especially cuz of the RAIN!

And tping some Mexican food your way, FD -- Looks like you were naughty and stayed up late like me! LOLOL

[I got distracted from going to bed with George Harrison songs on YouTube .... now my eyeballs are killing me and I am SOOOOO missing George-- but I sure LOVE his music!! (Especially a song called "What is Life!" from "All Things Must Pass.")]

Wildstar said...

I begin to believe that you West Coast guys feel too lonely and want to live on a different TZ :))

AuroraSkye said...

LOL, Wild. My sleep habits (or lack there of) have my sleep hours move all around the globe! Sometimes I am completely on the other side of the world asleep at 2pm and up at 10 pm instead of 2 AM to 10 am! :-/

I guess I am only PARTWAY around the world today cuz I am finally heading for bed now (after having been up all night again) (giggles)

Princess Ivory said...

See's Candy and Trader Joe's RULE!!! I wish our Trader Joe's was closer; it's a bit of a drive if we want to go. Hmmm...I sense the need for an excursion coming on!!

Princess Ivory