Friday, November 28, 2008

Blah -- I hate to feel this way -- esp right after Thanksgiving, but ....

... I am feeling rather depressed. :-( As far as our family is concerned -- the Holidays are over --- cuz my brother and sis-in-law will no longer celebrate Christmas! (it is not in the TORAH) (BLAH) And since, my family is all I have to celebrate Christmas with (locally) that means that I don't get to celebrate Christmas anymore either. I HATE it. :-( I LIKE being able to get together with family and remember God and give each other gifts. I HATE that we can no longer do that. It hurts. :-(
And I think it will be EVEN harder -- cuz I will be seeing everyone else both in RL and in SL, getting ready for, and celebrating Christmas .... when it is over for us. DARN -- It really hurts! I wish I had a husband and kids of my own cuz then I could celebrate Christmas with them and my in-laws -- but I don't have any husband/bf in my life. :-( I wish I had some local RL friends that I could celebrate Christmas with -- but nope on that count too.
Blah -- I guess I am just really feeling down about this -- I was hoping that this non-Christmas bit with my brother wouldn't affect me -- but it does) :-( :-( :-( :-(
At least in the past- - I wouldn't have these "after the Holidays" blues til AFTER New Year's Day -- but as I say -- NOW it has come after Thanksgiving cuz there is nothing left to look forward to -- Holiday-wise, for me. It is NOT about getting presents for me -- it is about the whole MOOD of the Holidays --and it is of buying presents for others and looking forward to whether they will like my choice of gifts or not. I like the whole mood of everyone being nicer to each other and thinking of others for a change. I know I don't need a Holiday to do that -- but somehow -- it just feels like now I am MORE left out on Life than before -- and I was already left out of a lot of things before. :-( (I am having trouble explaining it)
PLUS -- Since a power outtage a day or so ago - my TV has died -- it now shows only squiggly lines instead of the picture. Grrrrr! I am DE-pressed! :-(



Wildstar said...

you still have your SL friends, Aurora. Why to be in SL otherwise ?

The spirit of the Holidays must be found within: put a nice Christmas stream on your plot, go to see SL Ballet (they are giving the Nutcracker) and smile and hug all you meet.

I'll be there to hug you and wish you Happy Holidays every time I meet you :)

PS How about a Santa outfit ? :D

AuroraSkye said...

Thanks, Wildstar. And I know that the spirit of the Holidays is found within -- but it also helps to have some aspects of it in TAW. SL is very nice and I do enjoy it and am VERY glad for the wonderful people I have met thru SL -- but SL is still virtual in so many ways -- the people aren't --- but the doing things are -- (if I am making any sense) I just want to have some Holiday things happening in my RL too.

I am going to TRY to make my RL holiday-ish by myself, trying to put up lights if I can, etc ... but it still is not the same as being able to do things in RL with other people, if you know what I mean.

FD Spark said...

Hugs I know how it is to not have very many people in rl.
But you do have my phone number and you can call me any time.
Hugs, Love FD

AuroraSkye said...

TY so much, FD. I will take you up on that for sure!