Friday, November 28, 2008

I played with the colours on one of my Tudor Gowns ...

..... and I like the results! Whoo hoooo! (Grins)
Gold sure looks neat on dark blue! :-) I had a nice Thanksgiving! I hope you all did too. I brought a Chocolate Satin Cream Pie over for dessert -- and it was delicious (but high in calories!) lol Maureen's turkey turned out wonderfully!!! We packed up a nice dish and brought it over to mom and she enjoyed it too. Then we watched a "Everybody Loves Raymond" episode on one of Maureen's DVDs of the show. Then, later, watched the movie "Click" on regular TV. It was actually a fairly well done movie -- with the moral lesson about not rushing/fast-forwarding thru life.

It was fun. :-) (Doesn't this tudor gown look neat?)


Mykyl said...

Yes! It does look neat! :)
I had a good Thanksgiving too...I am still at Dulcinea's house (my mom, and my brother and his youngest daughther (she is 5 years old) are here too - it's neat to be with family for the holidays.

See you soon!

AuroraSkye said...

TY Mykyl -- and it is so neat that you are having fun at your Mum's. Hi to Dulcinea! (Waving) I wish MY family would do SL but they won't :-(

I look forward to your return but as I say == I am SOOOOO happy that you are having fun with your family!

Hugssss to all of you!