Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting passport ....

Hi there -- I guess I figure if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I decided to get pictures taken and paperwork done to get another passport. I had one before but I never used it and it expired. :-( It would have been nice to go to England. Now I am not sure I will ever get there -- but it is nice to imagine that I may make it there someday. :-)
My brother got pics of mom to get her passport renewed too. I guess its good to be prepared altho my apt is such a mess it would be very hard for me to get out of here ....and where would I go?
Blueberry was searching the bedroom the other night and I think she was looking for Duncan! She found the last place where he was sleeping before I took him into the vets to be put down and she climbed into the place and stayed there for a little bit. :-( She may be missing him.
I haven't been able to tell if Tai Chi has been missing Duncan or not. I wish I had gotten pics of the three of them sleeping together. It was always so cute to wake up and see them all curled up together in eachother's arms.
I made a couple of new fractal dresses on SL the other night ....but I have so many fractal dresses now -- I am thinking I really need to come up with something different. I am not sure what, though. I like my animated "Elements" gowns -- but I am not really sure how or IF I can continue those. I would like to think of "something completely different" ....but my mind has been blank lately. Still, hopefully I will come up with something. I LOVE making SL dresses. I sure wish they were as easy to make in RL! lol Heck, I would love to wear them myself! It would be so much fun! :-)


Wildstar said...

A passport is always handy :)
Last time I needed it I realized it had just expired and it was a mess to get one in a few days

I am sure you will get inspiration for a new line very soon


Mykyl said...

I am going to visit my mom for Thanksgiving and will pass through Canada on my way home, so I am glad I have a passport as you need one now to get back into the US.

As for a line of clothes - how about something inspired by your favorite movies, something like you did with the clothes based on Sgt. Peppers? Just a thought. :)

Be well!

AuroraSkye said...

Thank you both for your comments on my blog! I sure LOVE getting comments on my blog! (grins)

Great suggestion too == about getting a new clothing line from a fave movie or something --- I will put some thought into that and hopefully an idea will appear!


Wildstar said...

I think you would do great with a Southern Belle like ("Gone with the Wind" style)

Many years ago, I visited the Cypress Gardens in Florida and they had girls there, walking in the garden and posing for the tourists, with these great gowns. It was really great (I should have slides somewhere that I have never scanned. I must do that :) )

AuroraSkye said...

Ooooo I would love to see your pics of those ladies in those gowns, Wild. I hope you can scan them -- they sound beautiful and I would love to see them.

Also -- I think it would be fun to do the Carol Burnett (Bob Macke) version of "Gone with the Wind" where she is in that curtain dress (literally) LOLOLOL!!! Did you ever see that skit on the "Carol Burnett show" from the '60s? It was SOOOOO funny!!!! She wore the curtains --including the curtain rod and tassels! LMAO! That dress that Bob Macke designed was sheer genius!

*I found it --