Saturday, June 27, 2009

Warm Day and got more cleaning done

Hi there all *(Or whomever still reads my infrequent blogs here) :-D,
I am sooooo pleased with the cleaning progress of this apt. I still have a long ways to go (*IMO) but it still is SOOOO nice to be getting so much done. I think the cats are enjoying the space too == but Blueberry sure is "snarky" (my helper's word for it) with Cindy, my helper. LOL I think it is cuz "Blue" HATES the vacuume cleaner (she definitely will NEVER be one of those cats that you can vacuume the shedding fur off of) lolol .... {I don't know how to spell "vacuume" I even tried spell check but with no luck} :-(
Anyway, once when Cindy was trying to unplug the vacume cleaner from the power strip by Blueberry's water =-= Blueberry really HISSED at her big time !!! She was afraid to reach over to unplug the machine with Blue acting sooooo "B*tchy" LOL) (Poor Cindy) I am actually kind of embarrassed at Blueberry's awful behaviour but I can't seem to get her to be more polite! Bad "Snarky" kitty! LOLOL (She is currently asleep on my foot, under the computer) Anyway, I have missed you all on SL -- and I hope to be coming on more often now that the apt is getting in better and better shape. :-)


Wildstar said...

*** waves at Aurora ***

nice to see you ! I hope you are around more often! :)

Princess Ivory said...

Glad to hear the cleaning is going well. I could use some help - send your helper my way. Oh, and I can't spell the "v" word either!!

Nice to hear from you - hope to see you soon!

AuroraSkye said...

I am so grateful to you both for leaving comments on my blog page! TY so much! :-)