Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's been HOT HOT HOT!

(Waves to Wild and Princess -- I sure am grateful to you both for how you stop by and leave comments == It makes me feel less alone =-=- TY so much!~! Hugsss!!)
(Also waves and HUGS to FD, MI, Mykyl, and Michelle!)
We have been in an AWFUL four-day heatwave over here. WAYYYYY too hot to turn on the computer -- it has been awful. My "portable" AC has not been able to keep up with things and even turned itself off this morning. :-( I guess it overheated. For awhile there I thought thaqqt it was off for good but it still turns on (thank God). Cindy (the lady who helps me clean) thinks that it is not producing much cold air though. :-( She came today but we didn't get much done because it was too hot. She just tested some bateries and made the bed and then left. Hopefully we can get more done when she comes again on Tuesday. (Boy, I am NOT a heat person == and definately NOT a summer person) :-/
Oh well == it is going to be HOT again tomorrow and then it is supposed to cool down. I am concerned that if I am having this much trouble with mid 90 degree weather == what am I going to do when it gets up into the 100s in August and September?
I hope everyone had a nice 4rth of July! I didn't do anything or go anywhere today but I did visit mom yesterday (on the 3rd) It was a nice visit. We talked and watched some episodes of "Medium" on DVD. When I got home at midnight last night == my apt was SOOOOOOOOO HOT even though I had left the air conditioning and tons of fans on. :-( Hmmmmm Something definitely is not working.
At least it is cooling down at night and I am very grateful for that -- unfortunately = I am having a heck of a time getting the cooler air from outside INTO my hot apt! I have all the windows open now and fans in them but this apt is staying hot. :-(
Sorry about all my complaining about the heat -- but if I can't complain here ==-where can I? (Giggles) I sure will be happy when it starts RAINING again! (smiles)


Wildstar said...

don't worry .. it will rain ... eventually :P


I hope to see you soon in-world


Alphonsus said...

We've been lucky. It's been rather cool around here, and we had a GREAT time making things go boom last night. Happy 4th! Blow things up!


Princess Ivory said...

/me waves to you, and prods Mykyl, who waves too!

Michelle said...

Hope it cools down out there. You can some of the cool weather from here if you like. ;)

AuroraSkye said...

Thank you all for your comments and wishes for cooler weather up here == I would LOVE for you to send up cooler weather, Michelle! :-D

I hope to see you in-world again soon too, Wild! Smiles

Neat that you had a fun time blowing things up, Alphonsus! LOLOL

And are you and Mykyl together, Princess? She visiting? That would be sooo cool!

Smiles waves and hugs to all of you!!

PS: I cleaned my dining room the other day -- it was a lot of work but it is cleaner than it has been in YEARS! Wheeeee! (grins)

Princess Ivory said...

Mykyl came to visit for a week. She helped Alphonsus blow things up in our backyard on the 4th of July. We had a great visit with her!

I should hire you to come and clean and organize for me. Sounds like you are making some great progress :)