Monday, July 20, 2009

Hi there all ~~~

They are saying that this week is going to be the hottest it has been all year -- AND it is going to get into the triple digits by this coming weekend!! I am tired of only writing complaints about the heat here but I sure DO hate this weather == I figure this may be the last time I can be online for awhile because if it is hot as it they say it is going to be =- then it is too hot for my "portable" AC to handle -- and it will be too hot to have my computer on.

I sure hope this HEAT stops soon -- I am really sick of this!!!


Anonymous said...


/me tries to send a cool breeze your way.... and a hug

Alphonsus said...

I'm sorry...

/me tries to send a great arctic blast in your direction, with accompanying glaciers blizzard-like conditions

AuroraSkye said...


Thank you soooo much, my dear friends!!! Those cool weather wishes really brought a HUGE smile to my face and helped my mood immensely!!

BIGGGGGG Warm hugs being sent your ways (grins)

PS: I LOVE the "cool breeze: and the "glaciers and blizzard-like conditions" *giggles!* Hopefully the weather will hear your wishes and send all those cool things my way. :-D

Malicious Intent said...

Wow, you last posted on the 20th of July, sure hope you are ok and got through that heat wave ok. We have not had triple digits here yet...but we had a tornado in the area and multiple warnings and storms, bad ones every other night due to heat.

Hope you are well.