Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Presents for Alpha... :-D

Heya Sis -- TY so much for your comments !! Whoo hoooo!!! And, yeah, I was thinking of posting some pics of my new (and old) classes cuz some of the builds are kind of fun..... (Of course -- I think u are my only reader over here ..... and you have seen my class builds so ...... who knows really useful it will be to post them ... BUT posting pics is fun so here goes... LOL

Here is a pic of my newest class-- how to build a Christmas cat on a rug, OR a Cat on a Christmas rug. :-) This pic makes it look flat but it is made out of prims.... I like my supply jar for the class (A cross-eyed, fractal cat) I think it turned out neat! :-).....

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