Saturday, December 15, 2007

Well -- THAT was fun :-) LOLOL

Maybe I can find some MORE pics to put up (I am much better at images than writing anyway) :-D (I wonder how to change the colour of my "Title" (I'm getting very sick of that pale green) .......

This is a really neat place on SL called "Greenies" ... The creators did a wonderful job of making a WHOLE sim look like a HUGE kitchen where all our normal sized avis look really tiny! Here I am (with wings) sitting on a HUGE cat (in the RAIN yet -- whoo hooo! -- two of my favourite things!) It truly is an amazing SL SIM. :-)

Well - these THREE new entries ought to satisfy Alpha a bit (I hope) (actually it is sweet of Sis to even be interested in my ramblings. Hi to my other dear friends on SL -- I am going to try to find their blogs now so I can say "Hi!" :-)

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Anonymous said...

:) It's nice to see your words again. I check almost every day during the week - you snuck these in on the weekend on my. :)