Thursday, December 27, 2007

DARN... they promised me snow!!!

.....and as usual =- they are not delivering -- Grrrrr! :-( I took a sleeping pill to try to sleep at least 8 hours but no --- only 4 or 5 ...... I think i need that time release kind but not sure I can afford those.......

Oooooooooooooooo Whoooo Hooooo!!!!! I was finally able to change the colour of ONE title instead of ALL of them.... I still think they ought to let that be one of our options -- I think many times we want a DIFFERENT colour for a certain title than other titles -- or maybe that is me being my artsy fartsy synaesthetic self. :-)

Now knowing me -- I may have to go back and re-colour many of the previous titles to my blogs (but of course that is silly since I think it is mainly only me that reads these LOLOL ) If any of you out there do ready these -=- leave a comment OK? I love those. :-) I don't care if it is that you "just spent half an hour buring the cat" (Monty Python reference) ....or that you HATE snow! I would still love to hear from ya :-)

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/me comments. :P