Thursday, December 27, 2007

Well today was a hectic day ....

.....and now I stink of cigarrette smoke (ICK) cuz I visited two people who smoke a LOT! Nice people and it was a nice visit -- but I sure wish there was NO such thing as stinky second hand smoke!......

They are saying (on our local news) that it should SNOW tomorrow morning!!!!!! At least 3 to 4 inches in the "valley." That, of course, has my hopes WAY up (cuz I LOVE snow) so I will sure be VERY dispointed if they are wrong. (I'd rather they don't predict it at all than predict snow or rain and then we don't get it ) lolol They say it will be all washed out by rain by tomorrow afternoon tho= == (I hope not) (I want it to LAST)

Me (AuroraSkye) in DREAMLAND..... :-)

Anyway == I took a pill to hopefully zonk myself out (I have insomnia BIG time) so I can actually wake UP in time to enjoy some SNOW!!!! I hope it comes and lasts. :-)

(Excited me) :)

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