Sunday, December 16, 2007

wow -- Amazing- I am actually writing something two days in a row....

I doubt it will last long== knowing me =- there will be this short creative spurt and then it will go back to two months with no blogs at all --

As I say == it is hard to blog when you have nothing to say..... I tried to wake up at a normal time today but goofed it and slept til 7:30 pm. :-( At least I am doing some laundry and cooked some turkey breast before it went bad) -- (How is that for "dotty domestic"?) I also helped a friend on SL to set up her skirt maker and am sharing the settings for the skirt prim that I made. Now she is making skirts. I told her to tip the maker of the skirt maker cuz I think it is really neat that he made the skirt maker be free with only a suggestion of a tip === so I tip him quite often and try to encourage others to do so too.
Well, anyway== I guess I had better get on SL cuz I have to teach a class tonight -- :-)

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Anonymous said...

/me giggles, "Still dealing in 'short spurts'... haven't learned how to 'pace yourself' yet? X-P".

Oh well, we'll just have to enjoy what words and pictures we do have from you :).