Friday, December 21, 2007

Hello there (if anyone is here... LOL)

I guess no one liked my kitten pics ... sniff (wink) :-)
Alpha came by my place for a visit and she is on a different SL than I am (I keep forgetting the name of it - something with a "W" (lolol) WL? Anyway --- I guess it has the sky be much prettier than the earlier SL --(which I am still using) Since I LOVE the sky so much - it is VERY tempting to get the newer, more atmospheric SL = but I don't know if my computer and graphics card etc can handle it == so that has me a bit nervous. I certainly don't want to crash MORE on SL than I already do!

This is how I see the same view! Definately not as good ! LOL

Alpha took some beautiful pictures of the sun setting from my window -- and I asked her permission to share them here (and she said yes) She sure caught some pretty views of the sky.


Alpha said...

*giggles* nope, nobody here ;-).

AuroraSkye said...

lol --- I wish more people would come over here -- sniff --- I come now -- looking for comments and usually find "0" "0" "0" an occassional "1" lol

FD Spark said...

/FD loves kitties...they were very cuter!

AuroraSkye said...

Ooooo ty so much FD!!! Hugs!!! And thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!! :-)

Mykyl said...

:) I liked the Kitties too.

As far as Windlight goes - I had a pretty low end graphics card and very little memory in my machine until yesterday, and Windlight on the lowest settings was actually more stable and smoother than the main client, but due to a memory leek, I had to re-boot about once an hour as it would start freezing badly on me.