Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day

We celebrated Mother's Day today (instead of this coming Sunday), and I like that we celebrated it a bit early. My brother, sis in law, and I went to the residential home where my mom is and we all had a nice dinner together -- and then we went back up to mom's little two room apt and hung out. We had fun and I think mom did too (I hope) My brother and sis in law gave mom a pretty bead and crystal necklace, and a bead and crystal ring. I gave mom some lamp work and crystal beads that she will hopefully make into a necklace.
Rob, my brother, fixed aspects of mom's computer, while Maureen (my sis in law) and I talked with mom and watched some "Everybody Loves Raymond" episodes. It gets pretty hot in mom's little apt - and mom likes it that way but it often gets too hot for Maureen and I. Tonight was not TOO bad cuz we had a fan on and the door slightly open so that helps. It is going to get VERY hot towards the end of this week (in the 90s) and I am NOT looking forward to that. :-/
I am so grateful that mom is still in pretty good health both mentally and physically. I hope that lasts for a long long long long time. :-)
Here's wishing all who celebrate it - a WONDERFUL MOTHER's DAY!!!!!

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