Friday, May 23, 2008

Small RL complaint ....

I keep getting a telemarketing call that is REALLY irritating -- and I don't know what I can do about it. It says it is from some sort of bank or credit card service and says that "This will be the last time you get this call" but I keep getting it again and again. It is a tape recorded call -- and at the end of it - it gives you the choice of pressing "1" to speak with a representative, or "2" to have these calls discontinued. I have tried BOTH options repeatedly. When I press "1" to speak to a representative --- and politely ask them to remove me from their list -- I get responses ranging from "Ok - you have been removed" to them hanging up on me!!! When they called today (TWICE!!!!!) -- I pressed "1" and politely said to the person - "Is there anyone I can talk to -- or do you know how I can get these calls to discontinue ?" and the person just said "I don't know" and hung up on me! It is SOOOOO maddening!
Do any of you have any ideas on how I can handle this? I am on the "no call" (national) list but it doesn't give you any recourses as the discontinued state no call list used to. I try calling back the numbers left on my machine from these irritating calls but something is tricky about that too -- they seem to be different numbers and many of them say that I have reached a number "no longer in service." I really want these calls to stop!

Thanks in advance for any help you can give on this!


Malicious Intent said...

Wow, that is annoying and I wish I had an answer. Recently I have been getting spam text messages on my CELL PHONE! I had put our numbers on the national do not call list too, but I get text messages about going to gambling websites. So annoying! I feel your pain. Got caller ID? That a life saver here. We don't answer anything that is starts with any kind of 800's number, says out of area, doesnt give a name, or number unavailable. If you cannot tell me who you are, I ain't gonna answer. I figure if its a friend, they will leave a message and we will call them back.

Anonymous said...

Go here...
There is a link to a form at the bottom of the page you can file. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not. From what you describe, this is an illegal operation according to the rules posted there by the FCC - they recommend you contact your local law enforcement agency and report harassment.

And Hey! Your shop was still empty this morning! Let's go girl! :)

FD Spark said...

Scary thing sometimes if you respond they figure away to charge your phone from what Landy says.
Just hang up or get caller id and don't answer any calls from numbers you don't recognize.
Landy gets these calls all the time on his cell phone.
He got rid of text messaging because he kept get charged for someone spamming him.
I haven't had any calls like I use to except the occasional but I don't answer since I joined the do not call registry.
I never give my phone number or any personal information on web if possible with few exception in years. It also lessen those calls.
Landy usually says something really vulgar if they call to deterr them from calling like sexual stuff that makes the caller offended....often they say they are going to report him. And he says well whatever but you're calling me and I didn't want to talk to you either.
Landy said only legit will stop but if you were guy saying you want to have butt sex to them works...
Landy had no repeat callers.
Not sure what disgusting, revolting things you could say to deter them from calling you.... but Landy says more disgusting the better.

AuroraSkye said...

Hi there -- THANK YOU ALL -- for your sympathies and helpful comments about those awful calls. I use the caller ID but their number seems to change (even tho the tape they use is always the same) -- I let it go on the machine but I must admit - I am tired of it even appearing on my answering machine.

TY for that addie, Mykyl, I will check it out -- I have just gotten back online after hiding out in bed for literally 2 and a half days. :-( I hate it when I do that. I get in these moods where I just want to disappear -- and sleep forever.... so I stay in bed and try to do that. But then of course I wake up again (actually -- I suppose one day that will not be an "of course" lolol) ...and then I feel bad for how much time I have wasted. Believe it or not -=- I am taking anti-depressents -- but frankly I don't know if they are doing any good or even if it is a depression problem. (It might just be ME)

Anyway == sorry - I got off track== TY for the suggestions from Landy, FD. I am not sure what I can say, as a woman, that would disgust someone -- it might turn them on! lolol But maybe it is worth a try.