Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stupid computer :-(

Hi there -- Something is VERY wrong with my "Outlook Express" email :-( It takes FOREVER to even open -- and when it does- -it just has the hour glass on it forever. :-( I have re-started it many times and re-started the computer too. Now I am not sure WHAT to do to fix it. :-( I wish I were better at trouble shooting computer problems.
On better news-- I am so glad our May heat wave broke and it was much cooler today!! Whoo hoooo! I didn't go out of my apt for days during the heatwave. I finally actually went outside today now that it is cooler. I sure hope that we don't have an EXTRA hot summer.



Wildstar said...

hi Aurora,
I saw your appeal on FD's blog, so you are in my aggregator now :)

Outlook lockups are tricky. It never scaled nicely for me as the mailbox was growing and filling, so stopped using it some time ago.

The two most common suggestions to get over situations like yours are
1) uninstall and reinstall
2) create a new user profile

good luck

FD Spark said...

troubleshooting can be hard if you're like me not computer tech minded but you've got smart friends like Wildstar, Alpha and Mykyl....
Outlook I hate so I quit using the thing. I didn't like the firefox verison either. Uninstalled, deleted it and for bit there I kept getting stupid virus messages in my anti-virus protection even after I cleaned out the registry.
hugs here hoping Seattle and Oregon don't get hot summer.

AuroraSkye said...

Hi there Wildstar! What a fun surprize -- ty for stopping by to my humble blog! And TY for your advice on helping with my Outlook express!

Fortunately it seems to be acting ok at the moment -- I ran one of those "Quick Scans" with Norton (another program I am not that thrilled with). It made some corrections to the registery so maybe those helped.

Hi there FD!!!! It is always a pleasure to see you here =-= you are a true friend! :-) Thanks for hoping, with me, that Oregon and Washington don't get too hot this summer! We may need all the people wishing for that that we can get! (grin)

PS: Cute cat avi on your blog!

FD Spark said...

Please Don't tell Blueberry but I am a part time Ginger cat;)
I am in world tried to test some new clothes but everything acting up right now perhaps its my isp.