Sunday, May 4, 2008

TUi Logo Contest ....

Here are some logo designs I attempted for TUi (a Second Life school where we teach people scripting and how to build things). The rules are pretty simple:

    • - The Logo design should be PG rated and acceptable for use in both SL and
      Web areas. -
    • The submitted design should have some aspect of TUi or
      Technical User Interfacing, or both -
    • Logo needs to include the words
      "TUi" & "We do it for the love of teaching!" -
    • The submitted design should be either 512x512 or 1024x1024 -
    • Any submitted designs should be full permissions - Able to email the original graphic if
      choosen -
    • Up to three different designs may be submitted by any single person.
    • All logo submissions must be sent to Sammi TUi by May 8,
      At this point all accepted logos will be posted in the TUi sandbox
      and will allow full public voting on entries. Voting will continue through
      May 11, 2008 at which point the top three designs will be announced and prizes
      will be distributed to winners and entries.
    • The overall winner of the contest will receive the first place prize, as well as having a winner note as part of the standard TUi class announcements for the following week. A
      great way for exposure for any promising new designers in SL!
    • In the event that your design is chosen to replace the TUi logo, you will be
      contacted directly to arrange for artwork to be sent, and a logo information
      notecard with your information will be placed in the TUi information
      We hope you are as excited about this as we are, so go ahead
      and enter today! Remember, send your designs to Sammi TUi for
    • Please note that by entering this contest you agree to
      provide TUi with full rights to use your logo design royalty free in any manner
      and through any medium, and for any length of time.

I hope my entries do well --- I am a bit concerned about the last part of their rules --- in terms of them owning the logo design -- do they mean IF it wins? -- or do they mean that they will own ALL of the entries (whether they win or lose)? Because, I must admit, -- I think that if our entries DON'T win -- the rights should stay with the artists. I guess I'd better ask someone about that. (Altho I guess it is too late since I already entered three designs) :-/

Later, I did a colour logo design that I like as well.......


Anonymous said...

I vote for the middle B&W one :))

FD Spark said...

They all are so nice.
Where do we vote?

AuroraSkye said...

Hi there Mykyl and FD -- TY so much for your comments. If you all choose to -- you can vote for these at the TUi school grounds starting this Thursday I think -=- May 8th ....and voting is only open for a few days (til the 11th)