Friday, May 16, 2008

*SIGH* :-(

Aurora here (SL character) ~
Well, it is depressing how easily one upset person can cause a whole ripple-down negative effect on others that she doesn't even know.

A friend ("friend B") of a close friend of mine on SL ("Friend A") - decided to end their friendship because "Friend B" felt that "Friend A" wasn't defending her enough from anonymous comments on "Friend A"'s blog. "A" felt that "B" had defended herself perfectly and didn't feel the need to step in. I can see both points but I think that "B" is really over-reacting. Unfortunately, this seems to have been the "straw that broke the camel's back" for "A", who is now not wishing to write in her own blog anymore because it may upset someone. And she is tearing down the village she had set up in SL.
This all ripples down to me (and others) because 1.) It upsets me to see my friend ("A") so hurt by "B" that she would decide that standing up for her own principles and expressing what she wishes to in her own blog are not worth it anymore because someone may get upset. (I think that is a shame and a loss to the whole Blog community) and 2.) On a selfish note, I have/HAD a gallery/store at "A's" SL village that I had actually dared to believe could be a place I could stay ....but now I have to tear it down. I know it is "A's" village and she can do what she wishes with it -- AND I am VERY grateful for the time I was able to be there -- but I am also saddenned because I really liked this gallery and how it was set up. I liked how it fit into the village and people would come in and relax there. I really thought that this place could be the "home" for my art that I have been searching for -- but alas that is not to be.
I know that nothing in RL or in SL is permanent -- and that change is inevitable. I also know that things and especially relationships seem to be extra fleeting on SL. But it still saddens me when I see friendships break up over what really can be considered silly things. And when I see negative behaviour of others causing far reaching ripples of damage.
Fortunately, I am sure that I can find another place for my art, eventually, if it is meant to be, so I am not too worried about that. But friendships can be much harder to patch. I sure hope that "B" reconsiders her position and allows "A" to be who she is without threats of removing friendship. And I hope that "A" eventually reconsiders posting her true heart and feelings to her own blog because otherwise I will miss her expressions there.

And PS: Hopefully my expressing my feelings here doesn't cause a war over here -- altho I doubt anything will break out in comments to THIS blog because I hardly have any readers anyway - LOLOL!


FD Spark said...

Hugs to you.
I am your faithful reader.
Should I stir something up here?

AuroraSkye said...

LOLOL FD!!!!! Glad you said "nah..."


FD Spark said...

Stirs up drama stuff...
I am offended that Blueberry isn't talking to me more these days.
Blueberry is rejecting me I am going to eat 20 pounds of chocolate and her cat food!

Etalpalli said...

Fd & Aurora,
You both make me smile more than you will ever know. Aurora, you are right this is an uncomfortable development but changes in life are the one thing we know will happen regardless of our efforts to cling to a comfortable pattern. Friendships are always tried by the fire of our differences but it is the friendships that survive and become stronger and more beautiful by these trials that make them worthwhile to not abandon even when your heart aches or your blinded by the confusion of anger.

“Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix.” ~ Christina Baldwin

AuroraSkye said...

LOLOL FD -- Your post cracked me up (and Blueberry rushed over to check her cat food!) LOLOL

And Etal -- You are so right about friendship and change. It was beautiful and so true what you wrote. And it also made me smile and feel good when you wrote how FD and I make you smile. You made my day/night/morning. :-)

Hugs to you both, sweet friends!

Mykyl said...

I just thought you should know - the shop that was and will be yours re-appeared this morning in it's new location - still some work there to do, but I did notice that it was back :)

AuroraSkye said...

Oooooo ty so much Mykyl!!!! Truely a wonderful and gracious Queene of Faeria!


BTW =- It was really nice to see you this morning! :-)

Princess Ivory said...

You are all so up in arms against "friend B" who has DARED to hurt the feelings of your precious "friend A." Your loyalty to your friend is truly touching, but you are forgetting that there are TWO sides to every story, and that "friend B" was ripped to shreds (literally with a razor) over the pain that has been repeatedly caused to her by "friend A."

There is a long history in that friendship that you know NOTHING about because we try to keep it private. So please do not attack someone who is already down and bleeding, with her hands over her head to protect it from the kicks and blows. What will it take for you all to STOP THIS? Leave it alone?

I took a look at your blog tonight out of curiousity, because you had been kind to me the other night. Imagine my shock and pain to discover this.