Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I have 8 dresses for sale in SL

I have two more made but not up yet. As I may have mentioned before -- I go thru phases so I hope to make as many dresses as possible before this phase fades off into the distance too. *grin* They are currently only $150 Lindens (about 30 to 50 cents in RL-- lol) each. Mainly, they are very fun to wear, I love the way flexis move. :-)


FD Spark said...

They are beautiful we should see if my female half and few friends can model them for Alpha photo session and make up a advertisement for search so you can sell them at Dagon & friends.
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I'll help model! :)

AuroraSkye said...

I tried commenting back to you both on this blog before but for some reason -- it wouldn't let me -- (Banned from commenting on my own blog! LOLOL) So I am trying again:

That is a great idea about us all posing for advertisement pics with the dresses --- and I would LOVE to have you both model them for me!! Whoooo hoooooo!

Big hugs to my friends! :-)

FD Spark said...

Stupid blog disallowing you to comment on your blog.
That is very naught and bad blog behave or else off to corner with you with dunce cap.
You be nice to my friend or else.

Anonymous said...

LOL FD!!!!! :))))

Malicious Intent said...

I like the one in the bottom left hand corner best!