Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh, and I forgot to mention ...

The host of the passover meal last night (mentioned below) was talking to me about things in the Bible and then he casually said: "The US is going to be nuked." He wasn't upset about it -- he feels he won't be here because Yahweh will have taken him to the wilderness near Isreal by then, but of course, non-believers will not be so lucky. Again, I know no one can really predict the future but to me it is upsetting that anyone can even remotely get that out of the Bible prophesies. I have been afraid of Nuclear war for ages.
I guess these Bible things are just NOT good for me. :-/


Anonymous said...

Do not be so hard on yourself. It does seem rather peculiar that someone would place “terms” on teaching you something, such as a new language that would be based on your “confession” of a belief in their religion. You have a tender heart, innocence, and a pureness that you should not feel embarrassed about or regard as a weakness. Most humans become bitter, hardened and no longer capable of seeing the world with the eyes and heart of the child within. Without the freshness, hope and childlike pureness of heart, like you possess, it is very difficult to truly see in a world of smoke and mirrors. Keep your heart pure and do not stop hoping. You will be found.

Anonymous said...

/me bows to the wisdom of Etalpalli - very well said my friend.

Malicious Intent said...

We all grew up in the nuclear age. Which is something we will now always have to live or die with. Before that, man lived in fear of war, natural disasters that where never recorded because there were no survivors. No CNN around to record Pompeii. It is the way of the world. Destruction as horrible as it is, brings new beginning and new life. We can only HOPE our leaders will do the right thing.