Friday, April 4, 2008

Here's another texture I made tonight/this morning

When it comes to my art I often go through phases. I "explore" a style/medium of art, making many creations and then the phase passes and I never go through it again. It is very strange. I do that with jewelry too. I went through a thing where I made a lot of sculpted roses for necklaces and then I got tired of it - never to make them again. I did the same thing with Ukrainian Easter eggs. I have two or three dozen of them but now I don't make them anymore.

I seem to be going through a phase of these intricate designs at the moment -- I know it won't last. The above one is a bit busy but it is interesting. I am not a great fan of white backgrounds, though. Not sure what I can use these for, although I suppose they could make pretty cards.

So far, I have been unable to make a texture that I like as much as the one I still have on my desktop as wall paper (the one in the previous blog). I sure wish I could make another one that I like as well or better .... oh well..... :-/


FD Spark said...

Those are very beautiful. I could see them in skirt, shirt, jacket or vest with gold buttons if you let me make them.
Talk to me later if it's ok.
I am taking few days off but I see you soon.
Hugs to you, FD

Alpha said...

Yes, we see you... (^_^)/

Heheh... as we were just talking about... looks like the meter just ran out for 1.18.xx X-)... see here if you haven't seen it already. Hopefully you'll be at least able to make it back in, where we can give you some advice on how to bring down the settings enough to work on your machine.

Malicious Intent said...

OMG, those are incredible! What software do you use?

AuroraSkye said...

Hi there FD, Alpha (amazing - Alpha stopped by- LOL), and Malicious! TY so much for your comments cuz they really do make my day -- I love coming here and seeing if anyone reads my humble blog. I should make awards for loyal readers. :-)

You are welcome to use the textures, FD, as long as you don't mind not giving the textures away == I like to be able to give them out. :-) I can't wait to see what you make with them. Vest etc with gold buttons sounds wonderful!

I went to the page ALpha -- UGH =- I am sooooo upset at having to upgrade cuz as some wrote in the responses -- that last upgrade that I had made TPs work better than they had been - and I am REALLY concerned about not having the option to have my view distance set at 64, and my particle setting set to low to reduce lag if I choose to -- that is REALLY upsetting. :-( As you wrote -- I hope I can even get ON SL now. :-(

Hi there MI -- Hugs!! I am having to type AROUND a cat as I try to type these responses -- LOLOL. She keeps flicking her tail cuz she is mad at me for disturbing her. The nerve of me. lol

The textures are done with Photoshop, and a WONDERFUL plug in called - "Super Blade Pro." Have you heard of it? It is really neat -- I think it is at a website called: "" (not sure but I will check after I type this -- don't want to lose what I have typed so far). The SBP plug-in makes my drawing look metallic - then the rest of it is copying what I have drawn, reversing it both vertically and horizontally, then reducing it and doing it again - with alpha/clear background so I can choose different colour backgrounds. Does that help? (I can be even more specific if you wish) I can't wait to see what you create cuz you are SOOOOOO talented and good at art. :-)

Malicious Intent said...

Ok, I am just a proud momma. My son has his own blog now.

He came up with the name of it all on his own. I just do the typing. He wrote his first blog today. Go visit him!