Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ahhh back from shopping.....

Isn't this a fascinating blog? ROTFL I hate bringing everything in up the stairs etc. What a pain. I usually try to just bring the cold things in == and leave the non-cold things for when I can bring it in at another time -- but I had to bring some heavy kitty litter in this time so the cats can stop crossing their legs! LOL (Now why does this blog seem to be writing everything double spaced?)
Anyway - I went out to dinner before I brought the groceries home. At least THIS time I had a cafine free soda. :-) I love Mexican food but not Taco Hell so I go to this nice place called "Mexicalli Express." It is still a fast food place but the quality is a lot better than Taco Hell (IMO) and they have Cheese Enchaladas. (One of my faves) :D
Whomever reads this -- what are your favourite foods and/or fast food places (if you go to them)?
It hailed a bit while I was out shopping. I love wild weather. I will miss it when it is summer and all we have are endless hot days without a cloud in the sky. If we got summer thunder storms as some people do back east -- then I would like summers more == but here we rarely get thunderstorms. We don't have lightning bugs either. I often wonder if they prefer more muggy humid weather.
Well --- I am sure glad to be back home


FD Spark said...

Hugs was Mexican food good?
/me loves Mexican.

AuroraSkye said...

Mmmmm it sure was!!! :-) Hugs!!! I had cheese enchaladas with black beans, rice and a salad w some kidney beans on it.

Anonymous said...

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FD Spark said...

looks like you've attracted the spam bots they seem to have bothered me less since I made people feel out special code forgot proper word for it.