Saturday, April 19, 2008

Below is an un-released George Harrison song to Krsna.

It is repetative because it is a chant but I still like it. And I think the person who edited this did a great job of finding pics for it on the web. :-)

I goofed up my sleep again and stayed up all night. OOOOOPS! Oh well. LOL I had fun anyway. I should go to bed now but I am not tired yet. I guess I really had too much coca cola last night (actually it was pepsi but same thing) lol

And here is a more well-known song by Georgie -


Malicious Intent said...

Absolutely stunning pictures in the first video. And hey, how can you go wrong with George, ever? lol

Stop drinking pepsi!!

AuroraSkye said...

Whooo hooo == ty for watching, MI. I do like having a couple of George vids up occassionally -- I am so glad you posted a You Tube video cuz then I copied you. :-)

And yeah -- I should stop drinking sodas entirely - LOL But at least I had a cafine free one tonight. (grin)