Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ओह हाउ फून!!!

इ विष इ रेअल्ली कोउल्ड राइट इन हिन्दी बुत आईटी सुर इस नात टू अत लीस्ट सी आईटी ओं थिस ब्लॉग। :-)
Oh this is so neat!!! How fun! Too bad I don't really know how to speak Hindi -- but the text sure looks neat doesn't it? I always thought it was/is such a beautiful written language। I have been trying to learn Hebrew -- I wonder if I can get this blog to let me type in Hebrew characters as well? Darn - so far I have not been able to figure out how to get a choice to use Hebrew characters..... but the sanskrit sure is fun. :-)

जॉर्ज हर्रिसों --- वित्हीं यू विथौत यू --
वे वेरे तल्किंग -- अबाउट थे स्पस बेत्वीन उस अल एंड थे पीपुल - व्हो हाइड ठेम्सेल्वेस बेहिंद अ वाल ऑफ़ इल्लुसिओं, नेवर ग्लिम्प्से थे ट्रुथ - थें इट्स फार तू लेट -- व्हें थे पास आवे........

It says that it just uses the Hindi symbols to match the sounds so it is not translating actual English words to Hindi. Still -- I wonder if someone who reads Hindi can figure out what I wrote above. :-) It sure looks pretty! I sure wish I really could read and write the language.

*****Oh darn -- I just found out that the Sanskrit/Hindi writing doesn't show for most -- so these posts about the neat Sanskrit writing make me look like an idiot cuz they are only showing in English for readers. Oh well -- shame -- the symbols sure look NEAT on my computer. ***** :-)


Jacob Richman said...

If you want to write Hebrew with graphics you can try the Hebrew sign maker at:

You can also learn 1,700 Hebrew words and phrases at the free audio site at:

Have a good day,

AuroraSkye said...

Oooooo TY Very MUCH Jacob!!!! That will be VERY helpful! I really appreciate it and I will check out those sites you reccommended!