Sunday, April 20, 2008

Boy, did I sleep! lol
Hi there, Friday/Saturday I ended up staying awake for over 32 hours or so ..... so when I finally DID go to sleep last night - I really crashed! I slept from 11pm or so, til 10:30 am .....then went BACK to sleep and slept til 3:30 pm. I didn't use the breathing machine (altho I know I should have) because I fell asleep before I even put it on... When I woke up, my mouth and throat were SOOOOO dry -- hurt like crazy when I tried to swallow. Even drinking water is taking forever to take away the pain.-- Sheesh LOL.

I SHOULD go get milk (been out of it for days) but I am still so tired/low energy. I thought about having deliver but that is too expensive and I really should just get off my butt and go shopping. LOL (Can you tell that shopping is not one of my favourite things to do? ) But hey, I am grateful that I CAN go shopping. Glad that I can drive and that there are stores around and that I have money for groceries. So many people don't have those basic things. I am very lucky, and very grateful. :-)

Still, I wish I could just wiggle my nose like Samantha on "Bewitched" and have things appear. LOL I guess I will force myself to go after I finish this blog. I wish I could write more meaningful things. So many people write very thought provoking things and in an elegant way. OR they write about life experiences in a wonderfully humourous (spelling?) way.

Its funny -- I dreampt I'd slept over in my car in a "role playing" sim on Second Life. LOL. I guess SL has enterred my dreams now. I'd explored a "role playing" sim for the first time on SL last night. Unfortunately I didn't see what was so great about it. I spent the whole time trying to find my friend in the sim and didn't find him til the end. Then he was falling asleep. I had the observer tag on but I still felt very out of place and afraid to type anything at all to anybody. I guess Role Playing in SL is not my "thang." So, in the dream, I had my cat in the car with me -- but she was a combination of two of my cats. She had Tai Chi's body and name but Blueberrie's colouring. Somehow, she got out of the car as I was trying to drive away and she ran into the forest. I stop the car again so I can go into the forest and look for her. I meet a lady in the role playing forest and tell her that I am looking for my cat and then I apologize because I had spoken in a non-role playing manner. LOL Fortunately she was understanding and she helped me look for my cat. I found Tai Chi and put her back into the car but before I could drive away she got out AGAIN and I had to go back to searching for her.

Soooooo I wonder what that dream means. (if anything) Oh well, I guess I have avoided going to the store for long enough. Bye for now. Have a wonderful day everyone. :-)

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FD Spark said...

I think Shakespear said in so many words that life was like stage and we were mere actors in this play...
For some reason your dream reminded me of that not saying that is what is meant by dream.
I have dreams similar too but usually these days I am dreaming of creating things I can't seem to do or don't have energy in my waking life.
I too slept most of Friday and Saturday too.
I think sometimes I am addicted to sleeping but it is one of few things that feels pretty good but the lousy part is what you described waking up with sore throat,etc.
I always thought it just was me it is interesting you described exactly what I go through all the time around waking up after I sleep for long time.