Sunday, June 8, 2008

Been up all night again....

Hi there --- I have not written a blog in awhile so I figured I would try to write something before I go to bed today.....*(my cats are harrassing me to go to bed NOW!)*
I visited mom this past Friday. She is considering getting a 14 year old cat to keep her company. She feels a bit guilty about this because when she moved to the assisted living place where she is now -- she didn't want to take any of her 4 cats with her -- and a couple of them ended up at the Humane society :-( so it IS a bit weird that now she is wanting to adopt a cat. But still -- I told her that whatever happenned to her other cats has already happenned -- so it won't help them in any way if she doesn't adopt this cat because of them.
It seems to be a sweet cat. Her name is "Wally" ! She has a round head, yellow eyes, and her fur is a mixture of tabby and abbyssinian....(with white feet). I hope it works out where mom can adopt her cuz I think they will be good company for eachother. :-)
My Birthday is in less than a week (next Saturday, June 14th) Hopefully, my brother, sis in law, mom and I will go out to dinner somewhere. I am hoping we can go to a nice fish place called McGrath's....but who knows. Mom was not sounding thrilled with that choice.... and of course it also depends upon where Rob and Maureen want to go. That place has THE BEST "Mud Pie" of any restaurant I know of! :-D Mmmmmmmmmmm. Normally I prefer Blueberry pie but hey =- I DO love Mud Pies when they are done right -- with jamoca icecream and hot fudge! :-D
I hope it rains on my birthday cuz I LOVE rain! But that may be too much to hope for == considering it will be the middle of JUNE! Still -=- there is a chance it may rain - and I sure hope it does. :-D
But it is SUNNY today (ugh) lolol So I prob should get to bed before the sun rays hit me and I turn to dust... My cats all say: "Hi" (in cat talk) I hope whomever reads this has a wonderful day and week and month etc! :-)

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Mykyl said...

mmmmmm.... mud pie.... I have not had that in a very long time... save me a piece? :)