Friday, June 27, 2008

Beginning of Heatwave...

Well our 4 to 5 day heatwave is supposed to be beginning today. Fortunately it is not too hot yet but I am sure it will be soon enough - especially in my heat-retaining apt. Heat has melted candles (and Ukranian Easter eggs) up here, in the past.
I still have my stupid stupid STUPID cold/cough etc but at least I am feeling a HECK of a lot better than I did LAST week - so I am VERY grateful for that. :-) I don't know WHY this darn thing is hanging ON sooooo long --- but as I say == I am SOOOO very glad it seems to be on it's way out!
I hope to get on SL today and work on some "Sgt Pepper" jackets! :-)


FD Spark said...

Thanks for let me paint on your sgt pepper's templates.

AuroraSkye said...

You're very welcome, FD! :-D