Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I need a new computer keyboard

Hi there -- My stupid cold is still hanging on. Grrrrrr..... But I am tired of complaining about it so I will complain about my computer keyboard LOLOL. It has lost many of the letters -- they have worn off -- AND the space bar even has a hole worn in it! LOLOLOL

I have all sorts of different kinds of pens, so today I carefully tried to re-print out the missing letters in white (so they show up) and in a clear ink I have that makes things raised (so I can even feel them again now) Of course == heaven forbid I go buy another keyboard! lolol Anyway -- it is sure nice to see some of the missing letters again -- not that I view the keys when I type anyway but at times it is comforting to know for sure that the "o" is actually the "o." The letters that were completely gone were: "A, C, N, U, I, O, and L" the partially gone ones were "E, S, R, T, M, Y, and K" I would have thought that "E" would be in the "completely gone" category- - being the most popular letter - but I guess I just hit it in a partial way. (Isn't this fascinating? LOLOLOL -- I think the cold/flu has finally fried my brain!)

Oh I forgot to mention the key that is also completely worn out -- (which makes sense with me) -- the "BACKSPACE" key!!!! Bwahahahahaha! I use that thang ALL the time! :-D (I am too lazy to re-write that word on the key though)

Anyway -- do you all have any keys whose lettering has completely disappeared? Or do you all have less cheap keyboards than I do? lolol


FD Spark said...

It is okay it is distracting you from how miserable you feel to complain about your key board.
I still love you.
Microsoft got this thing if you play games with their live service you win points and get wireless keyboard but I didn't have the patience to play till I got 3000 points. Landy played and got close to that after about 40 or more hours of playing.
Just a idea for what its worth.
No shipping and additional cost.
Its Microsoft way of promoting their search engine.
Hope you feel better

Anonymous said...

hmmmm... I never thought of that.. "i type so bad because the letters are missing.." :)))

My keyboard at work here is missing almost half of the letters and numbers now - and all of the arrows are gone from the arrow keys :)

Did you take that chicken soup like I told you to last night? :))

AuroraSkye said...

HI there FD and Mykyl -- It sure means a lot to me that you both stop by here and take the time to comment. Thank you SOOOOO much!!!

TY for the microsoft game suggestion, FD. I don't think I would have the patience -- but it is always nice to know of possible free things. (smiles)

I felt too sick to make the chicken soup last night == I think I just mushed up some hard boiled eggs -- ate them and went to bed. This cold/flu whatever is sure hanging on longer than usual. At least I got out today (for the first time in DAYS) but this darn cold is STILL not letting go. Grrrrrr

(maybe I should be grateful cuz it is forcing me to sleep but sheesh --- I don't necc always like to sleep my life away)

I sure hope this dang cold leaves before the additional discomfort of the coming heatwave arrives.