Saturday, June 14, 2008

June 14th :-)

Hi there! Today is my actual birthday -- and I slept thru most of it -- (figures huh? LOLOL) But it was fun last night -- celebrating it both on SL and in RL. On SL, my dear sweet friends: FD, Alpha, Mykyl, WB, Aianna, Eara, and Hell (I hope you don't mind my abreviations of some of your names, and I hope I am not forgetting anyone) all came together and we danced and posed for fun photos, blew out candles on an SL cake, and opened pressies! :-) It was soooo special and it meant so much to me! It was fun! (My better pics are still on SL - but I will upload one of the postcards I sent to myself)
(OH sheesh -- Blueberry has chosen NOW to come up and lie down in front of my keyboard -- so it is incredibly hard to type around her!!!) lol
In RL (real life) - my brother, sis in law, mom and I all went to McGrath's fish place (Whooo hoooo!) And fortunately Maureen (my sis in law) liked what she got this time! The food was delicious and so was the MUD PIE!!!! (grins) Mmmmmmmmm! lololol (I have some left over in the freezer) We sat at the exact same table we sat at on my birthday LAST year! lol We talked and laughed and was fun. I wish it could have lasted a little longer but my brother wanted to get home to get back to work on his computer software programs (his own business which is taking off pretty well -- he hardly has any free time -- is always working, so I am very grateful for the time we did have).
All in all it was a very special celebration (even tho it was the day before the actual day) HEY -- I don't mind -- I like to celebrate all week if I can LOLOL. Heck -- as we get older-=- and as a single person with no kids or neices or nephews, there aren't many days of celebration left -- so I am not going to give up birthdays! LOL (I am a kid at heart) (grins)
THANK YOU very much everyone -- including MI, and Jaxie who wrote sweet B-day wishes for me in this blog! BIG hugs to everyone! :-D


FD Spark said...

hope this year is very, very wonderful for you")

Anonymous said...


FD Spark said...

By the way did I tell you how much I care about you and how happy you're in my Second Life?

Love & Care about you this much........
(Enough to fill up several pages and more)

AuroraSkye said...

OH WOW- what sweet things to say!!! TY so much FD and Mykyl!!!!

I feel the same way -=- I am soooooo glad we all have met!