Friday, December 19, 2008

Whooooo Hoooo ! I can't help it - another SNOW post! :-)

Hi there --- I royally goofed up my sleep again by staying up all night, constantly looking out my window and praying for more SNOW ..... It took FOREVER (it seemed) but it FINALLY arrived around 4:30 am! I stood out in it and caught some on my tongue! (I am so mature- grins) lolol I admired the beautiful glittering world as the flakes fell silently. My hair is still damp from snowflakes! (giggles)
I let Blueberry out a bit so she could look at the snow as it fell on her fur(I held her cuz I didn't want her running away and getting lost....) She is sure curious about it. :-) It is so beautiful and so fresh! I was so excited I turned on my computer and went to my blog page JUST so I could post about it! (smiles) (Of course, now it has stopped -- darn it - but still, it was/is so wonderful! I hope we get LOTS more!)
***I guess this is what happens when you don't get snow as a kid-- you make up for it as an adult! (giggles) Watch out parents -- let your kids experience snow as kids if you don't want them to turn out all wacky for it as an adult like me! :-D *** (Darn -- I wish it would start snowing again!)

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