Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thick Ice and Power going out

The freezing rain came early last night and covered my window by the computer (among other things). Now it looks like opaque textured shower glass that you can't see thru! lol The poor tree branches (and power lines) are weighted down with the ice. It sure LOOKS pretty though. Last night/this morning my power went out twice but fortunately it came back. It sure got cold in here FAST when the power went out! I was already under two quilts with a warm cat but within about five minutes I was trying to hide my face under the blanket cuz my face got very cold. I am glad the power came back quickly that time.
Of course, the power going out plays havoc with a sleep apnea machine. I woke up this morning, trying to breath thru the mask with no air coming thru. Fortunately they have holes in the mask so it is not like I was going to suffocate or anything, but of course I took the mask off cuz it was not doing any good anyway.
One of my new friends on SL to the south of me had her power go out last night while we were on SL. She was able to stay online for a while even with the power out (I still am not quite sure how she did that) (lol) but her power didn't come back. I was worried about her but thank goodness today I heard that she went to a hotel so she is ok. I am so glad. I hope her power comes back at home soon.
I still love this wild weather but I DO wish that I were better at driving in it. (grins) There are no stores or buss-stops within walking distance of me and I do get a bit tired of being stuck here ..... But still, stuck or not, power outages or not, I do love this weather. (smiles)


Wildstar said...

I guess your friend was living on laptop battery :)

Have a warm day :)

AuroraSkye said...

oh of course! D'uh on my part! I never had a laptop and somehow just never thought about it. LOLOL

Thanks Wild! (/me crawls away feeling really slow) lolol

Anonymous said...

We got around 20 inches of snow over the weekend - just buried! Now it's supposed to warm up and rain tonight - with freezing rain, so I could be in for what you are going through tomorrow - *sigh*

I wish I did not have to drive so far - I would like winter if it were not for that.

AuroraSkye said...

Oooo sorry about that, Mykyl. You can send ME all your snow if you wish. (I still like it even tho I am stuck here) (grins) I wish you didn't have to drive so far --Please drive carefully and stay warm!!!