Monday, December 29, 2008

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday

Hi there all! It is SUNNY here today (Eeek!) LOLOL (I guess it is ok) The snow is ALL melted. I sure loved our snow storm this year and I HOPE we have some more before the Winter season ends. (grins) But it is also VERY nice to be able to get out of the apt and drive somewhere. :-)
I haven't been on the computer for a couple of days (it FEELS like it has been even longer) I visited my mom this past Saturday and that was nice. My brother and sis in law came by for 2 hours too (before they went to a Chanukah party) -- After they left, mom and I watched "Wall.E" and "Ratatoulle" (mom's DVDs). I liked "Ratatoulle" best, but it was fun to see them both. I got a very pretty sparkly (you know me and sparkles LOL) Christmas card (of a tree) from mom, with a gift card for a meal at Red Lobster (mmmmmmm) ....and Rob and Maureen (my brother and sis in law) gave me a poster of George Harrison "for Chanukah" ! Ok ... LOL Mom gave Rob and Maureen some nice restaurant gift cards too ("Olive Garden" and "AppleBees").
I gave mom and Maureen 3 pairs of handmade bead earrings. I think (hope) they liked them. I didn't really have a present for my brother because I didn't think we were going to exchange gifts at all (seeing as how he is now against Christmas as being "too Pagan") ... so I ended up just giving him 4 wrapped "Heath" candy bars, but he said he was pleased with them and shared one with us all. I also gave mom some chocolate jelly sticks (she loves those) and I gave Maureen a nice gel pen set. I still wish we could go back to having our regular family Christmas the way we used to -- (I really miss the way it used to be) but I am grateful that at least we had this brief family get-together this past Saturday. :-)

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