Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!!!

Hi there all - I hope you are all having a nice Christmas (or whatever Holiday you celebrate) I am sitting here alone (with my cats) unable to go anywhere (and not really having a Christmas even if I COULD go somewhere) .... but at least I am glad that we had these wonderful snow storms this year. Our snow seems to be over (unfortunately) .... we mainly seem to be getting rain now -- but the roads (and stairs) are still slippery, and the news/weather stations are saying that we need to have chains or traction devices to drive down I-5 from my exit, to about 20 miles down. (So, that means I can't go visit mom today) *EEEEEW -- now the sun is coming out-- BLAH .... :-( But still, I am very glad that we had snow and this is an OFFICIAL "White Christmas!."
I called a friend with whom I'd been out of contact since this past summer (long story on the reason why but suffice to say that it was her not calling me not the other way around, after she had wronged me, so the ball was really in her court, so to speak....) I decided to just let bygones be bygones and be in the spirit of the season and call her. -=- Well, I guess that was a mistake!!! I spoke to her husband, and he was nice but when he told her who it was she said that she couldn't get to the phone (she was "in the bathroom and would call me right back") Well, she hasn't called (and she has had plenty of time to finish up) so I guess she is pulling what she did last summer again. I guess she probably won't call (and after saying so many times how our friendship would last forever! HA!) I wish it didn't hurt but it does. Now I feel like a fool for having called her --- even tho I know that that was a nice, forgiving thing for me to do.
I know that I took the high road by calling so I should not feel bad even though she is being a jerk -- but unfortunately it still hurts. :-( I must admit -- I really hate how someone being mean can really cause one's own mood to go down. I would like it not to affect me but screw it -- it DOES affect me. (I guess I am in a "grumpy mood, like FD gets in, sometimes" Bah Humbug LOL) (Hopefully this mood will pass soon cuz I know it only hurts me -- and I hate feeling this way. In general, even tho I can be a depressed person sometimes, I usually really TRY to keep a good attitude about things. I guess I just don't understand, even after all these years, why some people seem to enjoy hurting others. :-(
Well, I hope you all are having a nice Holiday, Merry Christmas etc. I have sure had better ones. I hope I have a better one next year (if I am still here) (I wouldn't DO anything-- I just know that we never know when our time is up on Earth) Remember our time is short here, and call those whom you love.

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Happy Holidays Aurora !!!