Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hi there all (or whomever stumbles upon this blog)

For some reason I have not really felt like getting on SL lately. I am not sure why. I miss my friends there but I guess I have just felt the need to "be alone" and reflect. This time of year has a lot of anniversaries of many losses for me. Fortunately, I am not particularly depressed but I guess I am just in a solitary type mood.
Tomorrow, I promised to visit my mother. I always enjoy our visits once I am there -- and I am glad that she is here for me to visit -- but at the moment I am not in the mood to go anywhere. Oh well.
I hope you all (or whomever still reads this blog - if anyone- lol) are doing ok. I do want to come back and be more active in SL soon --- Hopefully, I will eventually. In the mean time I hope life is treating everyone well.


Wildstar said...

hurry back soon Aurora
you are being missed


FD Spark said...

Huggles, I love you and I totally understand I have been going through my own winter crud or perhaps it just winter blues, exhaustion and need to hiberrnate and sleep a whole lot.
I haven't been around every day like I usually am.
But if you need me you know where to reach me.
Sometimes it is really okay to enjoy some solicitude and take lots of napes and personal self care time especially during anniversaries of major losses or traumas.
Know you are loved even if I can't say it to you directly or via pixels.
magic word for today for your blog is frodeu...frodeu to you tell later:)