Tuesday, December 16, 2008


..... but BOY is my apt C O L D (even with a heat-dish) LOL
I wanted to try to drive somewhere today (cuz I haven't been out for awhile) but it was TOOOO cold ... (especially with no sweat shirts, no sweaters, no coats, no jackets, and just a hoody to wear. LOL -- I guess I didn't prepare myself very well clothes-wise for cold weather!) Still, I LOVE this cold weather =- ESPECIALLY if it snows some more! :-)


Wildstar said...

well ... I am happy you are happy but be careful not to get ill ! Stay warm ! :)

AuroraSkye said...

That is so sweet of you, Wild. TY so much! Yeah you are right-- I def should be careful about that. I am sitting right in front of a heat-dish with a blanket on me but I am STILL tooooo cold (and it is even hard to type cuz my hands are so cold) I think I will get off the computer and make some hot soup or something and get into the bedroom (the warmer part of this apt)

It has been about 60 degrees in the bedroom -- which is much warmer than the livingroom (where the computer is) which I think is probably in the low to mid 50s) A lot warmer than OUTSIDE -- but still cold for inside. LOL

I STILL want snow though, silly person that I am. (*grins) :-)

FD Spark said...

I wish you could get your heat fixed really worried about you....I hope you and your kitties are ok.

AuroraSkye said...

ty FD -- Cats and I are doing ok == I am just holing up in the bedroom a lot with two comforters (and two warm furry cats) lolol

How are YOU doing?? I keep watching the weather stations and it seems as if Washington is getting hit harder with snow than we are. (SEND THE SNOW DOWN HERE) LOLOL