Saturday, January 31, 2009

A small prayer .....

Dear Lord ---
Thank you so much for my cats, Tai Chi and Blueberry. They are so sweet. Their loving eyes gaze up at me. They follow me whereever I go all day and then guard me at night. Thank you for my family. Though it is small, it is loving. My brother is a sincere and honorable man. He cares deeply about things and tries his best to love God and care for his family. My sister-in-law is the sister I always wanted. She loves animals and is a sensitive soul. My mother has given me the love of animals, humour, intelligence and so much more... (on a side note -- can you please heal her, physically, Lord, from the ills affecting her body).
Thank you for my friends (In RL, online and on SL). Again, though they are few, they are loyal. They care and they listen and they share. They allow me to help them as well. They give me hugs over the computer even tho we live far apart. Thank you for my Helper, Jennifer. Even though she doesn't always make it over here on the days she has said she would, at least she is VERY good at calling and letting me know -- and when she DOES make it here -- we get a long well and get a fair amount of work done ...and that is very much helping to lift my depression.
Thank you for me having a roof over my head, food in my cupboards, heat at night. Thank you for the SNOW we had this year, and for the rain that waters the trees and my soul. THANK YOU, Lord, for giving me the talent to draw/paint/etc. The things I have created have brought some pleasure into other's lives as well .... and I live for the joy of creating. Thank you for the ability to sing. Even though no one hears me, it gives me great pleasure to sing melodies and harmonies with the Beatles music and so many others. (Lately I have had so much fun singing along with their angellic voices on the "Beatles Anthology" accapella version of "BECAUSE" .... Hearing their beautiful harmonies on that song, without any instruments, surround me in the car takes my breath away!) *(Try it some time - it is truly amazing!!!)*
Thank you, Lord, for my health. It could be better but it could also be worse, so I am glad for where it is. Thank you for the Internet, and computers and for my being able to participate in this amazing world of inter-racial/cultural/country etc connection, unprecedented at any other time in history. May the togetherness it encourages save humanity, and this planet.
Thank you, Lord, for the Grateful heart I woke up with this morning, and the desire to write down this little prayer of thanks.
May whomever reads this blog feel equally blessed for all the little miracles in their lives.


Wildstar said...

you are sweet Aurora
thank you for this beautiful post

AuroraSkye said...

Thank YOU, Wildstar!!! You are definately one of the people I am very grateful for!


Alphonsus said...

Beautiful post, and beautifully written. I've had "Because" playing through my head all evening. It helped make the shopping trip more tolerable.

Hugs my friend. Sorry we weren't there when you returned from your cleaning. :)

Princess Ivory said...

You forgot to thank Him for giving you the ability to write so beautifully of your thoughts :)

This is a lovely prayer, and you, a lovely soul.

Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us.


Anonymous said...

Very neat post Aurora - thank you.

AuroraSkye said...

WOW -- ty very much all of you for saying that this was written well! WOW -- I don't normally think of myself as a good writer at all! All of your comments really mean a lot to me!

Thank YOU!!!! I am overwelmed!


PS: Sorry I have not been online for awhile -- been trying to clean my apt and having bad allergy attacks (cuz of the dust and cats in my apt) LOLOL And tomorrow I get to replace a garbage disposal -- wheeeee! LOLOL

Malicious Intent said...

I am putting up new spell a day on the side bar. Like a prayer...things to keep you focused on the positive. I am finding I need to do the same thing.

Good job, keep on going on.