Sunday, January 18, 2009

Long Power Outage- UGH

The Helper - Jennifer, - came again, yesterday (Saturday) and we worked for 6 long hours. All day we had AWFUL cold, powerful East winds here, - blowing right thru my apt even when everything was closed (I have awful insulation), making it sooo cold! When we were almost finished for the day, the power went out leaving us both in darkness. I hoped that it would come right back on again (*as it usually does) but this time it stayed out :-( And didn't come on again for over 20 hours! (ugh)

It made the night very cold (*even with extra clothes, extra sheets, two quilts and two cats in bed with me! LOL) And, of course, I was unable to use the sleep apnea machine - which made it almost impossible to sleep. :-( Everytime I woke up (practically every hour on the hour) I kept praying for the power to come on again. It didn't come on again 'til 1 or 2 pm the next day (today) I knew I liked my electricity, but it really IS amazing (and upsetting) how dependent I am upon it. :-( I would not make a good caveman/gal. (I also enjoy indoor plumbing! lol)

At least on Friday night in SL, I felt inspired to do a new Rainbow gradient Bohemian dress outfit! I think it turned out pretty nice. It sure was a LOT of work doing the top for it! I made it a bit different this time -- now there will be a seperate sheer shirt beneath the fancy jacket with golden metallic decorations on it. I don't have a picture yet of it with the sheer shirt, but at least I have a pic of it with the fancy, gold decorated jacket. I think it is a pretty one!



Princess Ivory said...

The new dress is lovely! When will it be for sale in your shop!

/me adds it to the top of her shopping list and goes in search of Lindens from Master Peck!

PS - I enjoyed talking to you this morning. :)

AuroraSkye said...

Oh that is so sweet of you!!!! TY so much for your compliment on my new dress, Princess! Hopefully I can make it available soon. :-) I love how you wrote: "/me adds it to the top of her shopping list and goes in search of Lindens from Master Peck!" LOLOL

I greatly enjoyed talking to you too, this morning! I am very grateful for our budding friendship. :-) You are a neat person.


PS: It is still SOOOOO windy here! I must admit -- I sure wish it would STOP! I am afraid the trees will fall down, and/or the power will go out again. :-( Normally I LOVE all kinds of weather but I wish these winds would go away! LOLOL (Thanks for your ear for my complaint about the winds) (grins)

Anonymous said...

I am fortunate to have lived for a year without electricity a couple of decades ago - it made me appreciate it much more, and taught me that I CAN survive without it, but it is a lot of work. It's work though that feels good - work for yourself and your own support. I is very hard to get to that point nowadays, and I would not wish to go back there, but I am always prepared now when the lights go out and it is not a big deal anymore.

Princess Ivory said...

/me imagines Mykyl running on a treadmill to generate enough power to run her computer so she doesn't have to give up SL when the power goes out!

AuroraSkye said...

LOLOL Princess, on the Mykyl on treadmill comment!

And neat how you can do well without power, Mykyl. When my power was out for 20 hours -- I was grateful that I had found one of those flashlights that you can keep winding up to get more light but I admit -- it sure faded relatively quickly and after awhile I definitely got tired of constantly winding the darn thing up! lolol

But, I am sure GLAD that I had happened to find it right before that power outage! Boy was THAT lucky! (grins)

Malicious Intent said...

OMG, I could not imagine...and with all of your health issues and no breathing machine!

My husband uses one now, and I have discovered that he seems to be awake responding to me, and HE IS NOT. He is asleep...he is one of those cases where he is talking, responding, even arguing but never remembers it as he is sound asleep. It took us a while to figure this out as he had not clue why I would be annoyed with him in the morning over arguing with him to get under the blankets and to put his machine on. Crazy stuff.

I could not imagine no heat for so long in that weather. You must have been miserable for a good day or so afterwords. At least you could make a pretty dress to cheer ya up.

AuroraSkye said...

Hi MI -- It is always wonderful hearing from you!! I am so glad you have not given up on my blog even tho I don't always post blogs here (and when I do - they are probably rather boring LOL)

I visit your blog often too == but I don't always comment -=- I should comment more often tho. I just have been so sad at some of the hard times you have been going thru.

That is fascinating about your husband talking and argueing even tho he is asleep! Wow -- I am so glad you both figured that out. I don't live with anyone (but cats) so it is harder for me to experience someone sleep walking or sleep talking cuz it would be ME. LOL

Yeah == I def did NOT like it when my breathing machine was not working. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending upon how you look at it) I guess I really USE the darn thing.