Friday, January 23, 2009

I finally put my new rainbow "Boho" dress up at my store on SL

For a long time I was avoiding any "work" and just "7 Seas" fishing a lot! (bad me) lolol BOY do I have to go thru my inventory and start deleting things -- I have WAYYYYYY tooo many inventory items. (Sounds like my apt in real life!)
Jennifer, the lady who has been helping me with my apt, may have to move in 2 months. :-( Darn it!!! Seems like every time I find a good helper == I end up having to lose him/her.
:-( Knowing she may be leaving soon, I definitely want to have her come over and help as often as possible before she has to go -- but unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be working either. She cancelled again this week. :-( I am not blaming her - she had a good reason to cancel - but I sure HOPE that we can get a lot of work done before she has to move away, and darn, I will miss her cuz I like her as a friend as well as a helper.


Alphonsus said...

Princess showed me this dress this morning. I thank you so much for spending time with her to make it fit her slender waist. She was excited about it and trying on new skins and hairs to go with it.

Princess Ivory said...

I LOVE my new Rainbow Boho Dress!!! I have just the right skin, hair, and jewelry now to go with it!

Enjoyed my morning with you very much. Sorry to hear about your helper, but she still has plenty of time to help you make some headway.

Princess Ivory

AuroraSkye said...

TY so much both of you for such nice comments! I am sooooo glad Princess likes the dress!!! I, too, had fun the other morning hanging out with her!

I also enjoyed hanging out with you this morning, Princess!

Hugssss! :-)

Oh- and NEATO steampunk thingy, Alphonsus - I love it all =- especially the DOOR!!!


Malicious Intent said...

We have had the same home health aide for 10 years for my disabled son. And you do get use to having that extra help around. It is hard when they cannot come over. I feel for ya, I would be lost if she could not work anymore. She knows our son so well and it would very hard to find a good and trustworthy replacement.