Saturday, January 3, 2009


It's been awhile since I have blogged. Been awhile since I have been online at all, and definately has been awhile since I have been on SL. I am not sure why I haven't wanted to get on SL lately but I am sure it is just a phase I am going thru.

Still, I was looking thru some of Aurora's fave SL pics from the past year and have found some nice pictures that hold special memories for me. Here is one of Danaeah and I riding in her air balloon! That was fun! :-)

And here is a fun one of Hacker and I at Greenies with a large cat! (giggles) (That is such a neat sim, I highly reccommend it)

It is lots of fun going thru pictures of the past year and reminiscing a bit.
Anyway == I hope you all had a WONDERFUL New Year's celebration and I wish us all a happy and healthy 2009. :-)

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