Thursday, January 15, 2009

A helper finally came on Tuesday ....

After a lot of disappointments -- a helper finally came this past Tuesday, to help me with my messy apt. I believe in working alongside helpers so I worked REALLY hard and got very tired. After 5 hours and 45 mins, she left and I ate something (having not eaten all day -= not good -- ooops) and I laid down to rest a bit at 8 pm. Next thing I knew -- it was 3 AM!!! I had totally zonked! After watching two specials on "The History of India" on our local PBS station at 5 am, I went BACK to sleep and slept til 4 pm! (Sheesh!) (I guess I really wore myself out on Tuesday)
We got a nice amount done but I have A LOT LOT LOT more work to do, unfortunately. (My apt is so disorganized and such a mess) Fortunately, the helper is not afraid of my apt and says she has seen a lot worse, so I hope she continues to be able to come and help out. The more we progress, the harder it will be because then it will get into having to make serious decisions about things to throw out and/or give to Goodwill. I gave some nice things already but I have a LOT more I need to give away.
At least we got the front part of my car clean, too, so now I can have passengers again! (grins) Since it is often too difficult for me to bring heavy things in from the car -- I often just bring in the cold things that need to be refrigerated and then I leave the heavy things in the car -- making it hard to have passengers if the things build up too much. If this helper will be able to make it permanent, then, hopefully, I will be able to have things STAY neat instead of things getting messy again like an ocean tide. (grins)
Thank you, all of you who have prayed for me to find a good helper -- As I say == I sure hope that this one proves to be more reliable and lasts. :-)


Wildstar said...

YAY Aurora!
I hope this one will work out as it sounds it will

Hugs :)

AuroraSkye said...

Ty Wild! (And wow you are quick at finding my new blogs) lol

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Aurora! I hope it works out for you too.

AuroraSkye said...

TY TY Mykyl! :-)


Princess Ivory said...

I am going through the same thing with our home. A lot of stuff to sort, file, toss, or give away. It is hard to make those decisions. Very mentally exhausting, so I know how you feel. I need a helper too!

Hope it continues to go well with your new assistant.


AuroraSkye said...

TY so much, Princess! The helper came yesterday and we worked 6 hours --- THEN- when I wanted to finally relax and get online -- my POWER went out!!! :-( :-( :-(

It has been windy windy windy here and the power stayed out for 20 hours!!!! :-( I sure hope it doesn't go out again tonight -- it sure got COLD without electricity. I was in bed with extra clothes on, two blankets, extra sheets and two cats! lolol That all kept me fairly warm but of course the sleep apnea breathing machine didn't work so I kept waking up and was not really able to sleep. :-( I guess I really need that thing to sleep. :-(

TY so much for your wonderful comment.