Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well, the summer is trying to hang on ....

....even on the first day of FALL! Weather people are saying that it is going to get up into the mid to high 90s tomorrow ...oops=-= TODAY.... I am SOOOOO NOT in the mood. Cindy (who has been helping me to clean my apt) is coming tomorrow but it will be harder to clean when it is so hot. I am SOOOOOOO ready for Autumn!
I know this is going to sound very "dotty domestic" but I FINALLY got one of those close-fitting couch covers (called "surefit") and put it on the couch that my cats had clawed up (its arms). I must admit it is so nice NOT having to see those clawed up arms any more -- but one of my cats tried to claw even UNDER the cover!!!! I yelled "NOOO!!!!" and scared her off. It was a rather expensive sleeper sofa -that I bought many years ago -- and I tried every trick in the book to stop the cats from using it as a scratching post but to no avail. :-(
Frankly, I still prefer the cover the couch came with -- but at least I am not having to see the poor shredded couch arms anymore. I guess that is ONE aspect of cats I can do without (but I still would NEVER remove their claws cuz that is inhumane to the MAX.
I hope you all are well!!! :-)


Wildstar said...

actually this year the equinox is at 21:18 UT ... so .. we are still in Summer :)

AuroraSkye said...

Eeeek LOLOL -- "the Summer that never ends" (grins)